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Save Time

PowerNotes was built to make research and writing as easy and efficient as possible by automating the tedious and annoying parts of the process.

Convenience: With our browser extension, capturing & organizing info is just a click away, anytime, anywhere.

Auto-magic: Highlight content on the web and PowerNotes will generate citations, save links, and build your outline automatically.

Brainstorm with AI: Engage with our Al assistant that's tied directly to your research. Ask for feedback, refine, and elevate your final outputs

Impress Your Professor

PowerNotes was created in partnership with teachers and faculty, ensuring your assignments not only meet but exceed academic standards.

Built for Success: Every feature in PowerNotes aligns with what teachers look for in top-tier assignments, from structure to content depth.

Proof of Work: An activity log keeps track of every step you take in PowerNotes, offering tangible evidence of your research process.

Avoid Plagiarism: Never lose a source or citation with PowerNotes. Just highlight something and we’ll remember it for you.

AI Without the Baggage

We’ve put guardrails on AI so that you can get all the benefits (save time and make your work better) without having to try and hide using it.

Own Your Data: With PowerNotes, the AI companies can’t use your work to train their models and we will keep your data totally anonymous.

Don’t Let the AI Lie to You: Easily blend your research with AI’s writing capabilities to minimize AI mistakes.

Protect Yourself: Show how you used or didn’t use AI in your workflow.

No More Blank Page Paralysis

Transform anxiety and uncertainty into clarity and direction.

Getting Started, Made Easy: PowerNotes offers a clear starting point for every assignment based on the information you've collected in your research.

A Foolproof Framework: Your work is organically structured by organizing highlighted materials and notes, paving a clear path forward.

AI-Assisted Intros: Leverage Al to analyze your collected notes, suggesting a compelling introduction that sets the tone for your entire piece.

An All-in-One Academic Toolkit

Save big by replacing multiple subscriptions with PowerNotes.


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[OP-ED] TheHill: AI cheating is destroying higher education; here’s how to fight it

Generative AI is the cheapest, easiest way to cheat ever invented, and the vast majority of students are using it. In a recent survey of 1,000 college-age students, more than 89 percent of respondents said that ChatGPT has helped them complete a homework assignment. What can schools and universities do?
April 4, 2024

[CASE STUDY] There and back again: Implementing and assessing a digital reading, research and writing application

The processes of reading, research and writing are complex and intertwined. Currently, the larger educational technology landscape requires using multiple tools to do these processes. Being able to pull them into a single tool can allow learners to focus on learning and streamlining processes.
February 14, 2024

GovTech: Pilot Program Asks Profs to Experiment With AI in Education

A short summary of the PowerNotes AI Unity Initiative as reported on by Aaron Gifford of GovTech.
April 4, 2024
“Part of the worry about how students might use a tool like ChatGPT is rooted in an apparently pervasive belief that students would much rather cheat than do the work. I still believe students want to learn, but this means giving them something worth doing.”

John Warner

Writing Professor

On ChatGPT: “While the tool may be able to provide quick and easy answers to questions, it does not build critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, which are essential for academic and lifelong success.”

New York City Department of Education

“Navigating a new world with ChatGPT may be challenging in some ways, but it also may provide faculty with opportunities to make their classrooms more inclusive and further improve student writing. If we view ChatGPT as a tool, rather than a threat, maybe (just maybe) a future world with ChatGPT will be a world with more “good” writers.”

Sarah Parsons, Hannah Davis, Rene Caputo, and Miranda Welsh

Duke Thompson Writing Program (TWP) Faculty

“If you can create an atmosphere where students are invested in learning, they are not going to reach for a workaround. They are not going to plagiarize. They are not going to copy, they are not going to dodge the work. But the work has to be worth doing on some level, beyond getting the grade.”

John Warner

Writing Professor

“Educators would do well to find a way not only to live with the technology but also to incorporate it into our pedagogies. Training students to become good critical readers and effective editors is an ambitious goal, one that will require a major shift for many of us, but it also is a challenge we would do well to embrace sooner rather than later.”

Rachel Elliott​ Rigolino

State University of New York at New Paltz

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