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Create Better Research.

Stay organized, save time, and improve your writing & research.

How does PowerNotes work?

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Capture content from across the web

Add work to projects on the fly with the PowerNotes extension.

Highlight text across the web to add to your project

Never lose track of a source with automatic source tracking

View your library’s content in tandem with Google search results

Prevent plagiarism with a source-based research framework



Manage your project outline: reorder snippets, topics, and notes.

Easily create and customize topics with labels and colors

Add notes to your topics to keep your ideas fresh and compelling

Keep track of time spent on any project

Unify a team with a proven process focused on improving outcomes

Finalize and export

Assess your work, download an outline or export your project.

Easily switch between multiple projects

Effortlessly generate citations or bibliographies with a click

Collaborate with others and get real-time feedback

Dive into more efficient and approachable analysis


Research the right way

Upgrade to a proven process that promotes source-based research and improved comprehension.


Cut out the busy work

Eliminate copy & paste, lost sources, switching between platforms, and ad hoc organization.


Work better, together

Collaborate with team members to seamlessly manage group work. Get real-time feedback on research, commentary, and project work.


Achieve higher quality results

With more time to focus, researchers can further develop and refine their analysis and synthesis.

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Over 65,000 people use PowerNotes to
organize their research.

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"I can’t stop using PowerNotes! I use it when I’m organizing the research for my new book, highlighting journal articles and learning new topics. Love the easy search option and the auto populating for the references. PowerNotes, wish I had you when I was writing my dissertation but thrilled you are here now to help me in my professional endeavors!"


Faculty at University of Pennsylvania

"In an age of information abundance, students often struggle to make sense of their sources and organize their thoughts. PowerNotes’ intuitive interface allows them to easily take notes, organize their ideas, and manage their resources without losing focus."


High School Library Media Specialist

"PowerNotes has made all of my research projects 10x easier!"


Northern Illinois University

"I like that you can organize notes and quotes from several online sources into different projects and different topics within those projects."


Cornell University

"I use PowerNotes mainly when conducting research for literature reviews because it allows me to compare information across sources easily."


University of Pennsylvania