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the Academic Research Process

Give your students the tools to tackle challenging
writing with confidence.

How does PowerNotes work?

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Bring a Proven Process
to the Classroom

PowerNotes fills the digital reading and writing void for students by providing a scientifically designed interface on top of all digital sources. This means students can efficiently annotate, organize, cite, and track research and eliminate the copy/paste process entirely.

A Framework for Organization

With a simple outline-based organization process, content gathered by students is automatically structured into an easy-to-digest format.

Gain opportunities to tackle complex subject matter as students can efficiently advance through demanding tasks.

Spend more time on meaningful assessment and less time deciphering organizational structure.

Real-Time Assessment

Provide students with feedback as they gather, annotate, and construct ideas with a range of collaboration tools.

Use the Project Timer to get an idea of true effort and engagement on an assignment.

Seamlessly integrate PowerNotes into existing courses with a suite of LMS integrations.



Source information is automatically tracked and linked to all content added to a Project, deterring accidental plagiarism or the use of paper-writing services.

Capture and format citations with a few simple clicks to create robust bibliographies.

Encourage critical thinking about the validity and utilization of sources with the Source Notes feature.

Leverage Library Resources

Display library database search results in parallel with Google search results to improve library usage.

Connect students with library guides, librarians on LibChat, and other helpful library resources without leaving PowerNotes.

Trackable data provides insightful metrics showing the utilization of their librarians.

Built for

Simple onboarding, no local software, and an agile support team make using PowerNotes on campus or at home painless.

Don’t be limited to a specific library of works, save content from any database, website, or PDF to a project.

Used by students nationwide ranging from middle schoolers to PhDs.