PowerNotes provides students the opportunity to learn with AI, and educators the ability to customize and build AI-enabled coursework.


Define Your AI Experience


Welcome to research reinvented. Summarize articles, get real-time related topics, and prompt Q&A for a comprehensive understanding of your research topic. Work smarter, learn faster with Discovery.

Power Summary

Produce a summary of any article or webpage in real time

Research Topics

Generate a list of related research topics and find resources on those topics through Google or in your library catalog


Test your knowledge by generating a Q&A in real time - teachers can also provide their own questions on a particular topic for students!


Brainstorm is like having a personal AI assistant by your side. It provides open and closed prompting (using your own research rather than the Large Language Model), and ensures full anonymity with no data retention.

Closed Prompting

Use AI to prompt the research only in your outline, removing the possibility of AI hallucinations or fake sources

Privacy and Security

PowerNotes communicates anonymously with our AI provider, ensuring all queries and outputs remain confidential


AI outputs can be traced back to specific sessions, giving faculty a comprehensive understanding of student-AI usage


Insight is a multi-faceted tool for educators that promotes transparency and helps to shift assessment from final product to proof-of-process. Monitor student-AI interactions and access activity logs.

Better Detection

Rather than detecting the presence of AI, Insight provides an indicator of appropriate vs. inappropriate AI usage

Proof of Work

Our unique proof-of-work process empowers authentic student work, removing the drawbacks of traditional AI-based detectors


Insight provides instructors with detailed activity logs, capturing all student-AI interactions, from prompts to outputs

How we think about AI in the classroom

We believe that AI writing is here to stay, and rather than fighting a battle we feel we’ll inevitably lose, we’re embracing its potential. There’s no denying that ChatGPT and other AI language models have revolutionized modern-day writing. Educators around the world have been presented with a unique and novel challenge - how do you know if a student used AI to accomplish their assignment? Are essays and take-home exams dead?


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[OP-ED] TheHill: AI cheating is destroying higher education; here’s how to fight it

Generative AI is the cheapest, easiest way to cheat ever invented, and the vast majority of students are using it. In a recent survey of 1,000 college-age students, more than 89 percent of respondents said that ChatGPT has helped them complete a homework assignment. What can schools and universities do?
April 4, 2024

[CASE STUDY] There and back again: Implementing and assessing a digital reading, research and writing application

The processes of reading, research and writing are complex and intertwined. Currently, the larger educational technology landscape requires using multiple tools to do these processes. Being able to pull them into a single tool can allow learners to focus on learning and streamlining processes.
February 14, 2024

GovTech: Pilot Program Asks Profs to Experiment With AI in Education

A short summary of the PowerNotes AI Unity Initiative as reported on by Aaron Gifford of GovTech.
April 4, 2024
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