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PowerNotes Quick Guides

Posted On
September 13, 2021
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October 10, 2022
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PowerNotes Video Tutorials

Table of Contents:

PowerNotes Research & Note-taking Tutorial

Getting started: Creating a PowerNotes account & Installing the Extension

PowerNotes Basics: An OverView of PowerNotes Tools & Features

How to redeem a promo code for discounted or Premium access

PowerNotes Basics: Your Project Dashboard

How to Create a New PowerNotes project

PowerNotes Basics: Saving Research & Note-taking

PowerNotes Basics: Bookmarking pages to save for later

PowerNotes Basics: How to add blank notecards to a project (freeform notes)

PowerNotes Basics: How to save images to your Project

Source tracking and Citation management with PowerNotes

PowerNotes Project Sharing and Collaboration

PowerNotes Basics: Export your PowerNotes Project Outline

Transitioning from Researching to Writing with PowerNotes

PowerNotes Basics: Viewing, Filtering, & Sorting Your Project Outline

Organizing, reorganizing, and assessing work with PowerNotes

Processing PDF files that are difficult to highlight (OCR)

PowerNotes for Law School and Legal Research