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PowerNotes is the only tool scientifically designed to help students and professionals create high quality research confidently & efficiently.

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How it all began...

After 7+ years as an electrical engineer, I enrolled in law school at Northwestern University. Having little experience with the robust research and writing required of law students, I became frustrated with the general process.

Everything felt ad hoc:  copy and pasting to save info, sources becoming mixed or lost, jumbled documents containing bits and pieces from my notes, and no great way to collaborate…

As the years went on and things began shifting into the Digital Age, I noticed people were still improvising when it came to the gathering, annotating, and organizing of work (especially across the internet). This was my a-ha moment…

Tapping into my engineer brain, I tried to remedy the annoying and inefficient aspects of research and writing that haunted me throughout law school and as a practicing attorney.

The first incarnation of PowerNotes was a researcher-focused product to help law students become more efficient and effective in a digital environment. Once we accomplished this goal, we then went after undergrad, and after undergrad into high schools, and after high schools even elementary schools!

Today, PowerNotes is being used by children and adults across all levels of their writing and research journey — from 4th graders just grasping the concept of “research” to veteran researchers with PHDs and working professionals.

PowerNotes has been embraced by over 140 academic institutions nationwide, with some college instructors even building their coursework around the PowerNotes Process!

- Wilson Tsu, Founder at PowerNotes

Company Values


We value usability, countering modern problems with modern solutions.


We are always open and honest with our customers.


We move quickly and adapt.


We believe we can make a difference in the way schools, individuals, and professionals get work done.


We understand that faster is not always better.

Here to help

We lend a helping hand in any way we can to support our users.

How PowerNotes Can Help

One-stop-shop toolkit

Better deliverables

Boosted confidence

Saved time

Better grades

Improved efficiency

A better work experience

Improved knowledge management

"I use PowerNotes mainly when conducting research for literature reviews because it allows me to compare information across sources easily."


University of Pennsylvania

"I am very impressed with PowerNotes. What has most impressed me is the simplicity of the tool. I really love that the interface is built into how I am already seeing the sources. Reading documents and being able to highlight and simply make a note and then organize them into how I want them. My prior method has always been to print off my articles and keep a four-inch binder with separations for each article. Needless to say, this is much easier and much more environmentally friendly."


Oklahoma State University

"I use PowerNotes to organize and write research papers for classes and Law Review. I love that I am able to search quotes, separate them out by subject and cross off the ones I’ve used. I love that I can click on the quote and go back to the source to get greater context if needed. Overall its a great tool and I don’t know how I would have gotten through law school without it!"


Boston University School of Law

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