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Master Today’s Legal Workflows

A modern approach to capturing, assessing, and tracking legal research.

Knowledge management that makes sense.

Bring the latest best practices in research
to your firm.


Repurpose time
previously spent on
tedious, manual tasks.


Gain a competitive
edge and ensure business continuity.


No more copy-pasting,
tab toggling, or doubling back to find a source.


Deliver a better research experience for your team

Provide junior legal researchers with the tools needed to conduct synthesis at speed, with fewer mistakes, and less stress.

Grow team confidence by following a structure proven to improve research and writing competency.

View a unified body of work in a consistent outline that everyone can contribute toward.

Better workflow means a more efficient use of billable hours and associates' time.

Keep case work organized and maintain a digital paper trail

Gain meaningful insights into how your team spends time on research tasks.

See where information is being sourced from and how it’s being found.

Enable the Project Timer to learn how much time is being spent on a task.

Accommodate your firm’s style of legal research with PowerNotes’ flexible framework.

Increase deliverable quality & decrease time spent on tasks

Structured research allows for a higher volume of daily work.

Integrate with legal databases for effortless authoritative sourcing.

Capture text, images, and source-links from any website, PDF, or legal database.

Ensure accuracy and accountability with automatically formatted and attached citations.

PowerNotes is used as the research and writing framework at law schools across the nation.

United States of America
"I use PowerNotes to organize and write research papers for classes and Law Review. I love that I am able to search quotes, separate them out by subject and cross off the ones I’ve used. I love that I can click on the quote and go back to the source to get greater context if needed. Overall its a great tool and I don’t know how I would have gotten through law school without it!"


Boston University School of Law

"I use PowerNotes to conduct legal research. It has been extremely helpful when reading cases and trying to keep track of key ideas and important quotes. PowerNotes allows me to organize and annotate information as I read it, which makes the synthesis and analysis that follows easier. Thanks!"



I used it in law school for my senior seminar writing project and it was great! It allowed me to keep my notes organized when I was working with over 20 different sources, including case law and secondary sources (law review articles and journals primarily). I also used it for the citation and for the links to access the source rapidly. It was great for smaller memorandums as well, however, where it really helped was the larger project to help keep my sources and my notes on the sources organized through its easy-to-use interface.


Northern Illinois University, College of Law

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