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[WEBINAR] Into the Weeds: An Educators' Roundtable on AI

Posted On
October 4, 2023
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October 4, 2023
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Hosted by:

Catrina Mitchum, Adjunct Associate Professor at UMGC; Faculty Consultant & Implementation Specialist at PowerNotes // LinkedIn


Shelley Rodrigo, Senior Director, Writing Program; Assoc. Prof. in Rhetoric, Composition, & the Teaching of English at University of Arizona // LinkedIn

Jason Gulya, Professor of English; Chair, Artificial Intelligence Council at Berkeley College // LinkedIn

Lance Cummings, Associate Professor of Content & Information Development at UNC Wilmington // LinkedIn

Laura Dumin, Professor at University of Central Oklahoma // LinkedIn

In this webinar, our panel of experts dove into the world of AI in education, shedding light on its potential for students today and in the future. They emphasized the critical values of transparency, open dialogue, and safety when integrating AI into the realm of learning. Beyond the traditional boundaries of STEM, they explored the vast potential applications of AI in various educational contexts. At the heart of the discussion was the urgent need to cultivate a culture of trust and experimentation in education, while also embracing ambiguity as a natural and essential part of the learning process.

Other highlights from the discussion:

- Transparency and Ambiguity in Education

- AI Literacy for Educators

- Applications of AI in STEM Education

- Applications Across Various Teaching and Learning Contexts

- Challenges and Privacy Concerns in K-12 Education

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