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[WEBINAR] Innovation in Learning: The Revolutionary Impact of AI on Education

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May 1, 2023
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May 1, 2023
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Some of the major topics covered in this webinar:

- What will be the role of AI in education?

- The job skills required for AI, and do they even matter to teachers trying to implement AI into their classroom? Do teachers have to learn prompt engineering?

- An introduction to the proof-of-work concept

- Where does AI fit in the education system? It is inevitable.

- Catrina’s perspective on incorporating new technology into a classroom

- Wilson’s anecdotes from traveling to different schools speaking about AI and Insight

- Students being fearful of being accused of using AI when they don’t (false positives)

- Authorship & plagiarism

- AI DETECTORS - Why they cannot be the “answer” for AI assessment

- Barriers to adoption

- AI hallucinations

- PowerNotes innovations

- Ethical considerations like perpetuating biases and discrimination, student privacy and data security, and cheating

- Cognitive load, and AI’s relationship to it