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User Testimonials

Posted On
April 1, 2022
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October 10, 2022
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What are PowerNotes users saying?

Over 63,000 researchers use PowerNotes to gather, organize, and manage their note-taking and research processes. PowerNotes allows users to efficiently highlight quotes, capture images, add annotations, bookmark pages, save citation information, OCR documents, collaborate with others, review work, and reorganize content.

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What instructors and faculty are saying about PowerNotes:

     “As someone who works with first-year students, PowerNotes is a great tool to introduce students to keeping track of their sources. It’s super user friendly, which makes it easy for me because students are able to pick up and run with the tool quickly. I also love that it blends the process of researching and writing seamlessly together.”    

— Charissa Powell, Student Success Librarian, the University of Tennessee at Knoxville

     “I love Power Notes. It is a fabulous application for our students!”    

— Lisa Watrous,  Arizona State University




     “I can’t stop using PowerNotes!  I use it when I’m organizing the research for my new book, highlighting journal articles and learning new topics. Love the easy search option and the auto populating for the references. PowerNotes, wish I had you when I was writing my dissertation but thrilled you are here now to help me in my professional endeavors!”    

— Jeanne, faculty at University of Pennsylvania

     “My middle schoolers are doing a wonderful job with PowerNotes. I love that they can share their projects with me, and I can see very quickly where they are.

I also feel incredibly lucky that we began this just as school closed and we moved to remote learning. I had one day’s notice, and I made sure to show them how to do it, even though we were still gathering sources and not ready to take notes yet. When note-taking time rolled around last week, I posted a list of instructions in Google Classroom, and they hit the ground running. It would be impossible for me to keep track of their notecards if they weren’t all online. I can’t say enough about how easy this is making research for my students.”    

— Katrien, middle school teacher in Virginia


PowerNotes project comment image


     “In an age of information abundance, students often struggle to make sense of their sources and organize their thoughts. PowerNotes’ intuitive interface allows them to easily take notes, organize their ideas, and manage their resources without losing focus.”    

— Melissa, High School Library Media Specialist

     “I use PowerNotes in two ways. First, as a learning tool to help students read their source material closely and save relevant quotes and insights. Second, as a note-taking tool that allows me to highlight and annotate locally saved PDFs and course readings and sort them according to class and topic.”    

— Jake, Instructor at The University of Tennessee Knoxville

What law students are saying about PowerNotes:

     “I used it in law school for my senior seminar writing project and it was great! It allowed me to keep my notes organized when I was working with over 20 different sources, including case law and secondary sources (law review articles and journals primarily). I also used it for the citation and for the links for access the source rapidly. It was great for smaller memorandums as well, however, where it really helped was the larger project to help keep my sources and my notes on the sources organized through its easy to use software. ”    

— Anthony, Northern Illinois University, College of Law





     “I use PowerNotes to organize and write research papers for classes and Law Review. I love that I am able to search quotes, separate them out by subject and cross off the ones I’ve used. I love that I can click on the quote and go back to the source to get greater context if needed. Overall its a great tool and I don’t know how I would have gotten through law school without it!”    

— Deanna, Boston University School of Law


Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 10.06.45 AM.png


     “I use PowerNotes to conduct legal research. It has been extremely helpful when reading cases
and trying to keep track of key
ideas and important quotes. PowerNotes allows me to
organize and annotate
information as I read it, which
makes the synthesis and analysis
that follows easier. Thanks!”    

— Alina, NYU Law

     “I use PowerNotes to quickly capture passages and articles while researching a variety of topics for projects that I work on. PowerNotes enables me to conduct research without having to keep lots of tabs open or continually switch between my internet browser and a document that stores relevant sources and quotes.”    

— Alex, Northwestern Pritzker School of Law



     “I use it for legal research, mostly on Westlaw. I love it as a tool to collect highlights and annotations, and it very quickly became my main note-taking tool. Being able to just highlight something and have it saved smooths out the research process a lot more than I would’ve thought. ”    

— William , NYU Law 


     “I use it constantly - first to study for class, and now to study for the bar exam. So thankful for this service! ”    

— Kendall, University of Oklahoma College of Law

     “PowerNotes is essential for keeping my notes organized. It helps me categorize the different areas of legal research that will be important for a brief or memo. I truly love it!”    

— Rebecca, NYU Law

What Undergraduate students are saying about PowerNotes:


PowerNotes share


     “PowerNotes has made all of my research projects 10x easier!”    

— Athena, Northern Illinois University

     “I am very impressed with PowerNotes. What has most impressed me is the simplicity of the tool. I really love that the interface is built into how I am already seeing the sources. Reading documents and being able to highlight and simply immediately make a note and then organize them into how I want them. My prior method has always been to simply print off my articles and keep a four-inch binder with separations for each article. Needless to say, this is much easier and much more environmentally friendly.”    

— Student, Oklahoma State University

     “I like that you can organize notes and quotes from several online sources into different projects and different topics within those projects. ”    

— Camilla, Cornell University




     “I use PowerNotes to categorize my notes for research to draw parallels between different texts. I have also used this app when writing a research paper, it was helpful for categorizing evidence with many sources. ”    

— Sage, University of Pennsylvania




     “I use PowerNotes mainly when conducting research for literature reviews because it allows me to compare information across
sources easily.”    

— Katherine, University of Pennsylvania

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