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Share & Collaboration

Posted On
December 3, 2020
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October 10, 2022
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Sharing, Commenting, and Collaborating

With the PowerNotes Sharing + Collaboration feature, you can share your research at any stage with faculty, librarians, writing centers, and peers for review.


There are two ways to share your projects in PowerNotes: from your Project Dashboard and from your Project Outline. On your Project Dashboard, hover over a project card. Below the card the Share icon appears on the left. Click on the Share icon.


PowerNotes Share from Dash Image


To share from the Project Outline, click on the Share Icon beneath the project title.

The share dialog box will appear. You can enter the email addresses of those you wish to share your project with and select if you would like them to be an Editor or Commenter.

Editors are able to contribute content (highlights, notes) to a project, as well as delete, edit, and reorganize highlights, notes, topic names, and more. Commenters can view a project that is shared with them and comment on existing content. They cannot add, edit, delete, or reorganize content.

In the PowerNotes extension sidebar, Commenters can access a project that is shared with them, but this project will be in “read-only” mode. Commenters will not be able interact with content in the extension sidebar. Editors can add to and edit content in the extension sidebar.


PowerNotes Share Popup Email Image


An email and notification with an access link will be sent to the appropriate people so they can access the shared project. After clicking on the access link, the user will be prompted to accept or decline the share invite.

Users can remove someone from their shared project at any time by opening the menu next to a name or email address in the share dialog box and selecting ‘remove’ from the permissions menu. Once someone is removed from a project, they will no longer be able to access it.


Commenters viewing a shared Project can view content (all sources, notes, and highlights), leave comments on, and download the Project outline. Unlike Editors, they cannot delete content, change content, edit topic names, reorganize content, or move anything into a Project of their own.

To avoid any confusion, Projects that are shared with you have a purple banner across the top of the Project Outline.


To leave a Comment on content in a Shared Project, just hover over a snippet with content and click on the Add Comment link (for snippets without any existing comments) or Show Comments link (for snippets with existing comments) in the bottom right of the snippet. All users with access to a Project can view all comments made by any other user.


PowerNotes Commenting Thread Image


Comments can be filtered with the Comment Filter at the bottom of the filter menu on the right side of the Project Outline. In the Comment Filter section, users will be able to see if any new comments have been added to the project since they last viewed it.


PowerNotes Commenting Filter Image

Comments can be left on snippets of content, but more general comments can also be made. These general comments are called Project Comments. They are displayed at the top of the page. A Project Comment can be made by clicking on the Project Comment icon just beneath the project title.


PowerNotes Project Comments Ability Image


You can now view your Project Dashboard in the traditional Card View or in the new List View. You can also filter Projects on the dashboard.


PowerNotes Dash Card View Image



PowerNotes Dash Project Sort Image



You can leave a shared Project at any time by hovering over the shared Project on the dashboard and clicking on the “leave” icon that appears below it (in card view) or in it (in list view). 

Comments left by a reviewer will remain in the original Project even if the reviewer leaves that Project.

If you have any issues using the PowerNotes feedback features, feel free to get in touch with us.