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Accessibility Features

Posted On
July 26, 2021
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October 10, 2022
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PowerNotes Accessibility Features



  • Text color scheme: The color scheme used throughout the PowerNotes extension and website is high contrast for readability.
  • Highlighting contrast: PowerNotes allows users to change how highlights are rendered. All highlights can be rendered in yellow or in the color of its respective topic. PowerNotes highlights can also be rendered in “high contrast mode” by:
  • In Chrome: Right-click on the PowerNotes extension icon in the browser navigation toolbar and select “Options” from the menu. In the settings screen you can make any desired adjustments.
  • In Firefox: Go to the Add-Ons page. In the PowerNotes card, click on the 3 black dots in the upper right side of the card. In the menu, select “Preferences”. The PowerNotes Settings page will appear, here you can make any desired adjustments.
  • Screen-readers: PowerNotes is adapted for screen-readers. Here is an example of a screen-reader tool that can be used in tandem with PowerNotes.
  • Making PDFs more accessible: PowerNotes has a built-in OCR feature which detects issues with PDFs that are old, scanned, and otherwise difficult to work with. Click here to learn more about the OCR feature. Once a PDF is OCR’ed, it can be read by screen-readers.


  • General navigation: Use the Tab key to scroll through clickable elements. Use Shift + Tab to move backwards. Use the Enter key to ‘click’ on an element. Use the Arrow keys to select elements within a menu or list.
  • Changing focus in the extension: When using the PowerNotes extension, a user can move from the web content to the extension in keyboard-mode by: 
  • In Chrome, press Ctrl+Shift+E to move focus between the page and the sidebar.
  • In Firefox, press the F9 key to move focus between the page and the sidebar.
  • Highlighting text: You can select and capture text in keyboard mode. 
  • In Chrome and Firefox: Press the F7 key to enable "caret browsing", which lets you move a cursor around the page and into the text. Hold Shift and move the cursor with the arrow keys to select text. Hit the Menu or Option key (if you don't have one of these keys, Shift+F10 should also work). You'll see the right-click menu, and can select "Save to PowerNotes" with the arrow keys to create a highlight.
  • Screenshots: You can take screenshots in keyboard-mode by selecting the square, purple screenshot icon at the top of the extension. Use the Tab key to select keyboard-mode and hit the Enter key. Use the Spacebar to select the desired area. Press the Spacebar or Enter key when done making a selection. Hold the Shift key while using the arrow keys to move the selector faster. Press the Enter key to capture the full screen and use the Esc key to cancel.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding PowerNotes and Accessibility, please contact the PowerNotes team.